Thursday, August 22, 2013

Step by Step: Making pants into a skirt

For this project, you need two pairs of the same kind of pants. I know people don't normally have two matching pairs of pants lying around...but this project would work very well with jeans, and matching jeans are not so hard to find. My mom had owned one pair of these capris for years, and then she found another pair just like them at a thrift store and asked me to make a skirt out of them. This pants-to-skirt design was actually her idea. Thanks Mom!

   Step 1: I cut the legs off of the shorter pair of capris                                   Step 2: I cut open the inner seam of the 
                    from just below the pockets.                                                                     longer pair of capris.

Step 3: I sewed in the excess fabric from the crotch on the longer pair. It took a few tries to figure out how much to take in. The back, shown here, had more extra fabric than the front.

Step 4: Using the legs from the one pair of                                                     Step 5: I sewed the triangles into the
capris, I cut out triangles like the one below.                                                  gap between the legs of the other pair.

Step 6: I cut out the excess fabric from step 3 and zig-zag stitched the seams.

Step 7: I hemmed the bottom edge of both triangles.

The finished product!

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