Friday, August 2, 2013

From Dress-up to Dressed-up

A few years ago, I took a plain, pink dress that my sisters and I used for dress-up when we were little and turned it into a formal. Let me tell you - it was a long, hard process, but it was fun, and I love the end result!

Unfortunately, I don't have step-by-step pictures of how I went from the dress on the left to the one on the right, but I can try to explain how I did it.

I cut a some fabric out of the skirt so it would not be so wide and gathered at the waist. I wanted it to be almost A-line.

I used a wide ruffle that had been around the neck (which I took off before the above left picture was taken), fabric from the sleeves, and the extra fabric from the skirt to re-make the whole top. I then covered it with a pink, sparkly sheer that I found at Joann's. 

I attached my new top to the skirt and put a zipper in the back, but it ended up being too tight! I knew I needed to add some fabric somewhere, but I wanted to make it look intentional. After some brainstorming, I came up with the idea you see below. The extra panel in the back is made to look like another layer underneath the top, and a shiny cord pulls the top layer together over it. The zipper is in the middle of the panel.

I thought the skirt needed some more decoration, so I drew a swirly shape on some netting and sewed tiny beads on it to make the design that is on the bottom of the skirt. This was probably the longest and most tedious part in the re-make of this dress.

For a final touch, I added a swag of sheer that drapes around the skirt and is gathered on one side to fall in a long, graceful sash. At the top of the sash, I added two flowers that had come from the neckline of the original dress.


The re-make of this dress difficult, with lots of mistakes and mishaps along the way, but for me, the end result was worth it! 

The point of this post? To show you that even the most unimpressive-looking dresses are not necessarily irredeemable. Sometimes it takes some extra fabric and a lot of creativity, but most of the time there is something you can do to save a dress from the trash bin.

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