Tuesday, August 6, 2013

By Feel and Guesswork

I bought this plain, tan shirt a few years ago to go with a skirt that I had made, but then I ended up making the skirt into a shirt because I didn't really like how it had turned out. So this shirt got put in a drawer and forgotten about for a while, until I saw it the other day and got inspired.

The first thing I wanted to do with the shirt was create the cool edge you see below. I just really liked the thought of the hem curving up in the front and back and coming to a point on the sides. I also took out the bit of elastic that I had put around the neck the first time I had fiddled with this shirt.

I added some lace to the hem to give it a more delicate look. I was going by feel here, because I wasn't sure how many layers of lace I would need. I put on one layer and thought it needed some support, but I didn't want the ruffle to be too heavy. Two layers of lace was just right.

I tried the shirt on at this point. I was very happy with the edging, but my inspiration was failing me. I held lace up around the neck and liked how it looked, so on it went!

I could have ended here, but I wanted to do something cool with the front. More lace? Yes, please! After a little bit of pinning and trying on, I came up with this arrangement. The slightly random look was fun, and I liked the fact that it made the shirt more than just a plain tan T-shirt with edging.

I sewed down the loose ends of lace and voila! I have a sort of vintage-looking shirt with plenty of character.

As you can see from this post, sometimes I go into a project not really having a clear idea of what the end result will be. It makes it more fun that way - pinning and moving things around and looking at all of the possibilities. Sometimes, I guess, I like guesswork.

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