Sunday, August 18, 2013

Before Summer Ends

1 piece of orange fabric + some brown eyelet lace + some orange sheer edging = 1 fun summer top! I love this style, and the fabric (left over from a dress I remodeled) was just so bright!

I cut out a white square of fabric and covered it with brown eyelet lace for the neck. I took the casing off the lace and ironed the lace flat. Then I re-sewed the casing onto the top layer of lace for a finished edge.

I found a strip of orange sheer that worked perfectly for the bottom of the shirt. I made it a little smaller than the bottom of the shirt, then stretched it as I sewed it on. This gave the shirt fabric a little bit of gather, and created the loose-hanging shape I wanted.

The leftover casing from the lace was perfect for finishing the armholes.

I had to do a little bit of tweaking to get the armholes the right size and make the lace lay flat over the shoulders, but now it is finished. I hope there is enough of summer left that I can wear it a few times before the cold sets in!

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