Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Joy of Anticipation

Every once in a while, I get caught up in a really big, time-consuming project - like when I re-sewed all the sequins on a skirt because they were falling off, or when I sewed beads onto netting in a swirly design and attached it to the bottom of a formal dress for some added bling (more about that dress coming soon). I even knitted myself a dress last summer...all summer long.

My mom has always jokingly called me obsessive compulsive, and if that means jumping into a project without really counting the cost, I guess I am. But then, I always feel so much fulfillment when I put a lot of work into something and end up with a beautiful product.

One of the things that keeps me from doing too many of these looong projects - and keeps me going when I am in the middle of them - is my impatience. I don't want to have to work for a few months to finish my dress. I want it now! But I have learned to be patient, at least somewhat, and to find joy in anticipation. As Anne says in Anne of Green Gables, "looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them".

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