Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Step by Step: Combining a shirt and skirt to make a dress

All you need is a shirt and a matching skirt. Here is what I had:

    Step 1: I measured and cut the shirt right below my                             Step 2: I took the waistband and zipper off the
      bust, as I wanted the dress to have a high waist.                                skirt, leaving a raw edge to attach to the shirt.

               Step 3: When I matched the skirt up to the shirt,                   Step 4: T-shirt material stretches easily, so I
                the shirt was quite a bit wider, so I took in four                   sewed a line of stay stitching on the bottom
                   darts, two in the back and two in the front.                       of the shirt before attaching it to the skirt.

Step 5: Next, I sewed the shirt and skirt together, and zig-zag stitched the raw edges to prevent unraveling.

Step 6: I needed to put the zipper back in, but I wanted to move it up so that it would be positioned through the waistline and not just up to it. I took up a little of the side shirt seam to make an opening, then sewed in the zipper. I then sewed up the seam under the zipper to close up the hole left by the old zipper position in the skirt.

Step 7: I wanted to coordinate the top and skirt a little more, so I took the waistband 
and sewed it over the neckline. 

Step 8: Since the neck had been able to stretch when it was just T-shirt material, but now could not, it was too small to fit over my head. To solve this, I cut a small slit in the back and edged it with the rest of the waistband.

Step 8: To finish, I sewed in a snap to close the slit.

The finished product! 

And the best part? This dress is now for sale right here on my Etsy shop!

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